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Our Bootcamp class is a fun and effective full-body workout that helps improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and enhance coordination and balance. This program features kickboxing, weight & resistance training indoor spinning, Tabata, and HIIT exercises.

Our indoor spin class is a high-energy fitness activity that takes place in a specialized studio equipped with stationary exercise bikes. Led by a certified instructor, participants pedal through a series of intense cycling routines set to motivating music.


Spin classes offer a challenging cardiovascular workout that focuses on endurance, strength, and calorie burning.

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Our kickboxing class combines elements of martial arts and cardio exercise, focusing on punches, kicks, and defensive techniques. Participants engage in high-intensity workouts, enhancing strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness, all while learning proper form and technique from a skilled instructor.

Our Sambo program features striking, take-downs, submission, wrestling and conditioning.


Classes are taught by our experienced Sambo instructor who is a member of Sambo Nation, the USA's largest Sambo program and 2x National Team Champions.

Did you know that former UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is also a two-time world Sambo Champion?

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Judo, the Martial Art of throwing your opponent.

Our Judo program practices techniques which include throws, sweeps, groundwork and randori (live sparring).

Classes are taught by our Judo black belt and registered under the United States Judo Association.

Personal training is the perfect program that can be tailored to your individual fitness goals. Whether you are interested in weight loss, building muscle or just need a little extra push to work-out, we have you covered!


Our women's self-defense class covers a wide range of martial arts movements for self-defense.


Techniques include stand-up fighting (punches, kicks, elbows and knees), defense moves from Chokes, grabs, multiple attackers and ground defense.


Designed for all women students.

Classes are held Monday at 6pm. 

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