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Women's Self-Defense Class 2


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Why Train Women's Self-Defense?

Our Women's-Self Defense program is a specialized training course designed to empower women with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves.

Our Program Will Help You:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Learn effective martial arts skills and self-defense skills

  • Be part of our friendly gym environment

Program Perks

  • Small intimate class sizes

  • Female instructor

  • Private women's only class on Monday nights

  • Perfect for ages 12 years old and up

Class is taught by our martial arts & fitness instructor Ashley who has over 15 years in Martial Arts training. 

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What is Taught in Self-Defense Classes?

Our program includes various self-defense concepts taken from Krav Maga and stand-up fighting. Class covers combative striking, defense against chokes and grabs, and ground fighting.

Techniques Taught in Class:

  • Combative Striking / Stand-Up Fighting

  • Choke and Grab Escapes

  • Defense against Multiple Attackers

  • Ground Fighting

  • Cardio and Sports Conditioning

Downloadable Women's Self-Defense PDF


Monday: 6pm - 7pm (Women's Self- Defense)

Complimentary Classes
Tuesday: 6pm - 7pm (Kickboxing) 
Wednesday: 6pm - 8pm (Judo / Sambo)

Thursday: 6pm - 7pm (Kickboxing)

Full Gym Schedule

Interested in Fitness Classes?
We have you covered with our Bootcamp Fitness program! Try out our Bootcamp program to lose weight and stay fit with our fun and challenging workouts. Learn more here.  

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What to Wear

We recommend wearing comfortable and functional clothing that allows you to move freely and supports your physical activities. This includes athletic tops, fitness bottoms, athletic shoes and minimal/no jewelry.

Recommended Items to Buy / Bring

  • Mixed Martial Arts Gloves

  • Mouth Guard

  • Shin Pads

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